Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anthony Rudis to State of Illinois: Demonstrate a Need for the Peotone Airport

In early October of this year, members of the group STAND--Shut This Airport Nightmare Down--held a 'Harvest Fest".  STAND officers state the purpose of the Harvest Fest was to reach out to individuals, groups, and elected officials to "help prevent this politically-driven project from becoming a reality."

STAND--Shut This Airport Nightmare Down--held a harvest fest in October 2011

Midway through the Harvest Fest, Anthony Rudis arrived and neighbors gathered in the garage to hear his remarks on the proposed Peotone Airport.  Rudis is 100 years old and owns one of the largest pieces of land in the inaugural footprint of the proposed airport, which is visible on the map below, from the Will County GIS Department:

Rudis stated: "To this day, not a single governmental body has come up with a study that says this is why we need it.  So that what does it mean?  It means the legislature and other governmental bodies are looking for a soft touch.  They'll appropriate money, not for the widows, but for the airport...what they are going to do here is destroy the economy of many families..."  Watch the full video: